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Connect To Concern

Connect To Concern, a very innovative Virtual World Environment Week was organized by Somalwar School, Maa Umiya Branch.

The weeklong celebration for Environment Restoration and Conservation started with Prompt Pearls of Class VI expressed their concern with Elocution Competition. The next day saw the Radiant Rivers of Class V flowing for the cause of environment restoration in Elocution competition. Next came Daring Doves of Class IV flying high on the wings of expression in Elocution Competition. The fourth day of the celebration was also an exciting event wherein the Ruling Rainbows of Class III enacted through Role Play different environmental issues.  The Bravo Bunnies of Class II recited meaningful poems on environment restoration, save mother earth, grow more trees and other relevant issues. The Creative  Cubs of  Class1 and Royal  Robins of   Pre Primary classes  also displayed  their hidden talents  and creativity  in Collage Making and Drawing Competition  respectively ..  The Weeklong celebration culminated with Grand Finale on World Environment day in which the all these top three Ecopreneurist   of each competition presented their best Eco Footprints. It’s noteworthy that the students of VII to X classes were the mastermind behind the event. They conceptualized, organized, created the SOP, designed the invitations, conducted the whole programme, generated E certificates and provided technical support under the guidance of the teachers .This programme was by the students, for the students, of the students.

The esteemed chief guest Dr. Abheek Ghosh, Cardiac Intensivist & well known Environment Activist of Nagpur, championing the cause of urban jungles like BharatVan.  A multi-faceted personality, he challenged the students for environmental conservation  and administered the oath of tree plantation. Guest of Honor Mrs Bhavya Tarini, Principal of Arjundas Kukreja School, also spoke about the importance of environment.

On the occasion Tree plantation drive was organized in the school premises by teaching & non-teaching staff. 

Shri P.P. Somalwar, secretary & honorable members of Somalwar Academy, Principal Rajshree Dutta and Vice-Principal Ashita Thorat appreciated the excellent presentation, untiring efforts of teachers& students.

संस्कृताङ्ग्लभाषा -Speech Weavers

SPEECH WEAVERS -   Sanskritangalabhashabhayas-  a two day innovative Elocution competition for English and  Sanskrit was held in Somalwar School ,Maa Umiya Branch.   It  was a great confluence of both  an ancient and modern languages. All the enthusiastic participants from about 25 top schools impressed the judges and the audience  with their highly eloquent and articulate speaking styles.

The Sanskrit  elocution Sanskrit Bhasha Kalp-- comprised of Shlok Recitation, Katha Kathan and  Chitra Varnan( picture comprehension) wherein the picture clippings were displayed and the participants had to describe the pictures. It was an excellent exercise which all the participants enjoyed.  Dr Parag Joshi,  Dr Veena  Ganu  Sanskrit faculty from Kavi Kalidas Sanskrit university and Archana Sane judged the proceedings.

 The winners are- Shlok Recitation--Ananya Bhagvatkar ( Bhavan’s Trimurti nagar), Nandini Vaidya ( Somalwar School, Maa Umiya), Mrunmayee Meshram ( South Point, Omkar Nagar) Prabhayi kayarkar ( (Sanjuba High School) . In Katha Kathan Shravanti Deshpande ( Bhavan’s Trimurti Nagar)  Bhagyashri Bharbhate (South Point), Ritu Modani  ( Somalwar Maa Umiya ) Avanti Girudkar ( sanjuba High School).  In Chitra  Varnan -- Sonashree Kolhe ( South Point, School), Aditi Sharma ( Central India Public School Ananya Ghosh ( Bhavan’s Trimurti nagar)  Manjari Sonak ( Somalwar School, Maa Umiya )).  Overall  Best Championship award was bagged by  Bhavan’s  Bharti Vidya Mandir , Trimurti Nagar

  On the second day English Languagethon was conducted with Advertisement --with animate and in animate  objects and time line figures, Role play and Group discussion with current burning topics  like Make in India, Juvenile Delinquency etc as the highlighted features.  Dipti Patukule, Sushmita Roy, Aruna Rao and Ashita Thorat were the judges for the competition.

The winners are --Advertisement – Anasvi Kumar ( Montfort School), Nandini Vaidya ( Somalwar School,Maa Umiya ) Aditi Jain  ( Somalwar School, Maa Umiya ) Ayush Nandanwar,  Sanjuba High School .  In Role lay-  Anushka Chandekar& Kshitij Bokde ( Somalwar School, Maa Umiya ), Kashish Rewtani& Salomi Singh  ( Montfort School), Sharanya Pankhraj & Bhushita thawkar ( Somalwar School, Maa Umiya Branch) Ashley Francis & Aditya Dey(Montfort School)_ Himanshu  Bobde& Samiksha Harkande ( South Point School,Omkar Nagar).  In  Group Discussion – Parth  Prabhavat ( Aspire International ), Rishika Awasthi ( Montfort School),  Shreya Kar ( Aspire International), Ujali Agrawal ( Jagat Public School) , Yubika Dalmia ( Somalwar School, Maa Umiya).  Overall Best Championship  was bagged by Somalwar, Maa Umiya Branch

 A large gathering of participants from major schools of Nagpur – Bhavan’s Bharti Vidya Mandir ( Civil   Lines, Trimurti  Nagar & Koradi Branches), Somalwar School Maa Umiya,  Somalwar School ,Waddhamna Branch,  Montfort School, South Point School, Omkar Nagar, Narayana Vidyalam,  Sanjuba High School, Aspire International,  Jagat Public School presented their performances and were all praises for the highly interactive and well coordinated  competition .

Honorable members of Somalwar Academy highly praised  the proceedings which was conducted by  Coordinators- Vandana Dhotkar, Vaishali Bondre, Padmavati Singh, Roshani Tolani, Rupali Kate  all the teaching faculties under the able guidance of Principal Rajshree Dutta, Vice Principal Archana Sane, Academic Head  Ashita Thorat. 

Model United Nation Assembly

Member delegates of Somalwar School, Maa Umiya Branch proved their diplomatic & leadership skills in the Model United Nations Programme organized by Rotary Club of Nagpur Vision. Forty five  students of the school represented various countries to put forth their views  on burning global issues which are being faced by the countries namely Canada, USA, Syria, Brazil, Peru,  Sudan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Peru  and many  more, in the different committee of the United Nations i.e. UNICEF, WHO, UNHRC, Women’s  Rights  UNESCO,  WTO, WFP and other committee...

 Student delegates represented these countries and put forth their points through arguments, discussions and debate and procedures like- point of privilege, point of order, point of information to the speaker, point of information to the chair, motions, amendments, voting and passing of resolution. Out of the 250 or more student delegates present - Neha Patle, Utkarsh Jain, (Afghanistan FAO) Purva Wakode and Tanmay Shravane (Serbia DISEC) emerged as winners and all other team members

  Got high commendations, special mention and verbal bow from the distinguished            judges –moderator and audiences.

This achievement was possible due to the able guidance and relentless efforts of in               charge-teachers - Padmavati Singh, Roshani Tolani & Academic Head Ashita Thorat,.

Shri P.P. Somalwar, Secretary SAES, Supriya Kolwadkar and honorable members of the SAES, Principal Rajshree Dutta, Vice - Principal Archana Sane congratulated the team for their amazing feat. 

Mumbai Indian Juniors

Somalwar School, Maa Umiya Branch added another feather in their cap in achieving recognition by their stupendous performance in the league matches being organized by none other than   the great Mumbai Indians Juniors. The Mumbai Indians had taken a great initiative to give a platform to the young cricket players of Nagpur. The players got a chance to participate in the league matches experiencing crucial match practices.  They will be selecting players from Nagpur, Pune and Mumbai to form Mumbai Indians junior team. The Under 14 boys and Under- 16 girls of Somalwar School Maa Umiya Branch participated in these league matches.

 Bhumi Lalka, was declared the man of the match for scoring 69 runs and clinching 1 wicket in one of the matches.   Like her, the other team members of both boys and girls teams donning the jersey of Mumbai Indians was a great achievement.  Veteran cricketers Prashant Vaidya, Kiran More and other team officials were all praises for the junior’s performance and advised them to work very hard to get success in the highly competitive field of Cricket. From being naïve players to attaining a high level of confidence through the participation was the highlight feature of the tournament.

Graduation Ceremony

An enthralling Graduation Ceremony for the tiny tots of pre- primary section was held in Somalwar School, Maa Umiya Branch. The fun filled program was marked with the students displaying their talents through   English and Hindi Poem Recitation, Action Songs, Story Telling and Dance other skills, which won the hearts of the invitees, parents, teachers. Shri M.L. Somalwar, President SAES. Shri Mahesh Somalwar, Member SAES, Smt. Indira Nair, Headmistress, Somalwar English Primary School, Ramdaspeth Branch graced the occasion and presented the Graduation caps to the little champs. They spoke on the significance of the Graduation day and the role of teachers, parents and the school in molding the character of the child and equip the child with life- long skills.  On this occasion felicitation of the toppers in various Olympiads was done. Ananya Shendre of KGII   secured First position at All India level in Procom Olympiad and 70 other students qualified for the second level. In Quest Olympiad KGII students Safal Kawale and Vedanti Katole secured 3rd position and   7th position respectively at All India Level. 170 other students reached the second level.

 In Interschool Hand writing Competition organized by Rajaram Sitaram Dixit Library, Vedanti There won second cash prize and Sujay Khandait and other 55 students got consolation prizes. In Drawing Competition 25 students won consolation prizes.

 A large gathering of parents were  present on the occasion who appreciated and encouraged their  ward’s performances .Teachers of pre-primary Vanashree Harde, Lakhwinder Kaur, Darshana Khorgade along with Komal Gaherwar,                       Archana Kesharwani,  Priyanka Padole, Sushma Barde, Roshni Tolani,                    Savita Mishra,  Niraj Tekam  worked hard in making the program a grand success. Vanashree Harde and Sarita Kokardekar conducted the proceedings under the guidance of Principal Rajshree Dutta and Academic Head Ashita Thorat. 

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